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Billing Solutions

Billing Solutions

accuBill Billing Solutions is a comprehensive service offering that couples traditional print and mail with electronic bill presentment and payment (EBPP). accuBill is unique in that it offers an enterprise level billing solutions to small, mid-size and large businesses. accuBill does not require the purchase of software or equipment. You simply provide the data and we manage the rest of the process.

Our out of the box application is a cost effective billing solution for companies needing a branded EBPP website with little customization. For companies that require a more customized billing solutions, Billing Solutions we can tailor the application to fit specific requirements. This is where accuBill sets itself apart

accuBill uses the latest billing Solutions technology including document composition, variable printing, intelligent inserting and mailing, and multi-channel delivery.

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Print & Mail

SPM Document Solutions allows your customer to receive their statement or invoice via print and mail by default. You will have the option to print your statements, black and white, spot color or full color Billing Solutions. In most cases mailing of invoices can be guaranteed on the same or next day.

Electronic Delivery

Electronic delivery allows your customers to receive their statement or invoice quicker, while saving on paper and printing costs. Electronic delivery also allows you to eliminate the hefty postage costs associated with First Class mail. Billing Solutions When a document is processed, Billing Solutions an email notification is sent to your customers. A link within the message can direct the customer to a login page where they may log in securely to view the document. Alternatively, a document may be attached to the email notification.

Interactive voice response (IVR)

Technology that allows a computer to interact with the customer through the use of voice and Telephone key tones input via keypad. The system can be configured to call the customer as well.


A customer may select to receive an invoice or statement by fax.

SMS Text

A customer may select to receive an invoice or statement by SMS Text. The text will contain the invoice amount and a link to the bill pay website. The Billing Solutions customer may also set up the text so that the customer may confirm a payment without logging into the actual billpay website.

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