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Data Capture

Most organizations have difficulty implementing and/or maintain a process to handle information contained in forms. If you send out survey forms, standard response cards, applications, order forms, or claims, you are familiar with the problem of processing hundreds or thousands of forms returned to you. Instead of manually entering data from the forms, the extraction of data from them can be automated to reduce entry costs and processing time substantially.
Outsource Solutions can offer forms processing services from design, printing, mailing, receipt of the forms and analysis of results. We can handle any project converting paper forms into usable data, through the use of advanced data capture techniques and software. Our data capture software can read barcodes, handprint text, OMR codes. We can use other sources of data to verify and validate information read from the cards.

Where data is of poor quality or too varied for automatic OCR or form capture, we can utilize our capable staff to provide manual data entry. Depending on your budget, security concerns or preference, we can create a plan that will suit your needs.

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