Backfile Scanning

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Backfile Scanning

Poorly filed records and ones kept in multiple locations can make it hard to find information when you require it. Trying to locate misfiled documents when you need them can be costly from a productivity and liability standpoint.

Waiting on file boxes to be retrieved from storage, spending hours sifting through files, or seeking out information is frustrating and a waste of time.   For this reason most companies are looking to implement backfile scanning projects and document management solutions to deal with the ever increasing volumes of paper.

Whether you are looking to scan backfile documents, implement a document management system or have already installed one, SPM Document Solutions can help.  We implement strategies to manage your existing paper files, implement a cost effective document management solution, or develop a solution to manage your current document workflow.

Customized service

SPM Document Solutions is invested in making your document management project a success. We are up to date with the best procedures for scanning documents and the common issues that should be addressed in the planning of a backfile scanning project. We can help determine which records should be scanned, which should be stored, and what can be destroyed.  We will examine your current method for retrieving documents and design a cost effective method of file indexing.  Our collaborative planning results in a smooth and successful project.

Cuts down on labor time

Often an organization will attempt to implement a scanning project and find that it is more time consuming and expensive than what was planned. The business may consult an office equipment company to spec hardware and software, with no real idea of what is required.  As the costs mount, the business may delay or shelve the project just after start-up.  This is when we will get a call.  It is better to call in the experts at the beginning to evaluate your situation and offer reasonably priced solutions that fit your needs.  Save yourself the cost of hardware and software and leverage our technology and experience.  Allow us to manage your backfile conversion project so that your employees can focus on their main responsibilities.

Save on valuable office space

Office space is expensive.  Very few organizations have available space to set up the proper workflow to handle a backfile conversion project.  Scanning projects are labor intensive and require specialized personnel.  A fair amount of space is required to catalog, stage, sort, prepare and scan documents.  Save yourself the hassle of shifting personnel and infrastructure by letting us execute the project in our secure facility.

Save on Equipment and Software

Quality imaging equipment can cost upwards of $10-$50k per scanner.  Software can cost just as much.  Your investment in technology that will be used for a single project is wasted capital.  A better use of those dollars would be budgeted towards a quality document management system, workflow software solution and affordable document scanners.


Our expert staff is trained in all in-house procedures to scan and index your records. We have the experience and knowledge to handle most file types and sizes.  We can also handle microfilm, microfiche, and aperture cards.

We are experts at managing your outsourced document workflows.  Let us tailor a solution to handle your future scanning needs.  We can arrange for daily, weekly, or monthly pickups of documents and scan them directly into your document management system.  This will save you time and labor and insure that you are adhering to your document control procedures.

Backfile Scanning

Scanning improves access and distribution of highly active records to compliment offsite storage of less active hard copy documents

  • Conversion of documents, microfiche and microfilm to searchable electronic records
  • Ensure Security and compliance through tightly controlled access to vital company records
  • Upload to secure document repository or to any other client specified media

Document Management Software

The key to any successful backfile scanning project is a functional document repository.  Organizations today need document management systems that are more than simple search and retrieval.  The ability to manage and control documents throughout your organization is required to ensure security and accessibility.

Use of in-house or web based document repositories, will allow you to fully realize the cost saving, efficiencies, and the paperless office.  We are authorized value added resellers of Kodak Imaging Software and Kodak scanners, as well as FileBound Office Automation Solutions.

Document Scanning and Capture

We can implement Kodak scanning and capture appliances that will allow you to scan documents directly into your document repository without any manual indexing.  Implementing capture technologies ensures that the scanning process is automated to the extent that a document is scanned, indexed, and is immediately searchable.

Automated Workflow Solutions

Whether your need is to automate the AP approval and payment process, to automate the HR on boarding, route faxed documents, or archive email, Filebound workflow solutions will save time, money, and headaches.

Document Management Software

A functional document management software solution is the only way to ensure compliance to document control policies.  Why invest in a document backfile scanning project if the paper will simply continue piling up or the documents you scanned are difficult to find?  Filebound offers a number of different options: On-Site, Web-based or Network Appliance.  Filebound is the right document management system to provide the following:

  • Security and information privacy
  • Ease of search and retrieval
  • Compliance, reporting and governance
  • Business process automation
  • Instant access to documents
  • Complete document management
  • Quick return on investment

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